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Do You Mind Rules
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Do You Mind RulesDo You Mind RulesDo You Mind Rules
Do You Mind Game Rules -
How to Play

  1. Remove all game parts from the portable case.
  2. Stack like pawprint cards (total of 6 stacks) face down.
  3. Place the sand timer, score pad, dice and pencil near the 6 card stacks.
  4. Have a dog treats and dog toys available for players to use.
  5. Determine dog / people teams and enter names on score pad.
  6. Decide whether to play with or without the timer.
  1. Each players rolls the pawprint dice - the highest roll starts.
  2. Player 1 rolls the dice and picks a card from the top of the matching stack.
  3. Read the card out loud.
  4. If you think an activity will hurt your dog, place the card on the bottom of the stack. Select the next top card.
  5. As soon as you finish reading, another player starts the timer. Your dog must perform the activity before the timer runs out.
  1. All other players judge whether an activity has been performed correctly.
  2. If the activity is correctly performed, enter the pawprint number on the score pad. If the activity isn't correctly performed, enter 0 on the score pad for that roll. Place the card on the bottom of the original deck face down.
  3. The next player takes a turn.
  4. Play continues untill score sheet is full.
  5. Highest score WINS!.

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