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Do You Mind TipsDo You Mind TipsDo You Mind Tips
Do You Mind Game Playing Tips
  1. Think of creative ways to get your dog to do tricks (lure your dog with treats, toys,your voice and gestures).
  2. Keep your dog's attention focused on you.
  3. Give your dog positive feedback - don't get mad at or punish him.
People are motivated by money, love and attention. Dogs are motivated by food, love and attention. Use voice, gestures and treats to get your dog to do what you want. Choose the right vocal tone to bring about the desired response: Authority? Excitement? Calm? Coaxing? Encouragement? Combine small tasks to perform complex activities. The following hints may help you get your dog to perform the Do You Mind activities. BACK UP - Walk towards your dog with your hands (palms out) pushing towards him, say,"Back up!". He should automatically back up.

BARK - Say " Bark!" or "Speak!" Make a knocking sound (e.g under the tables) without your dog seeing you do it. when she barks,treat her.

BEG - Have your dog sit Say, "Beg!" while you lure him up so his front legs are off the floor and his bottom isn't.

COME - Hold a treat so your dog can see and smell it. Quickly back away with an enthusiastic, "Come Fido!". When she comes treat her.

CRAWL - Without letting your dog rise from a down, say "Crawl!" Lure him forward holding a treat in fornt of his face so he crawls forward.

DOWN - Have your dog sit, Hold a treat in front of her nose. Slowly move the treat to the ground between her paws (While saying "Down!") Until she lies down.

DROP IT - When you want your dog to let go of something he has in his mouth, hold a treat near his nose ans say "Drop it!" He should release the object and take the treat.

GO POTTY - This works! When you put your dog out to do potty, say "Go Potty!" After she does, treat her. She will learn to potty on command.
  HEEL - Have your dog stand next to you on your left side, hold a treat in your right hand near your dog's head, walk forward and say, "Heel!" After she walks forward next to your left side for 5 steps, treat her.

MOONWALK - Raise a treat high enough for your dog to stand on his back legs. Say, "Moonwalk!" Lure him backwards with the treat.

SHAKE - Have your dog sit. Say, "Shake!" Grab her right paw and treat her. Repeat until she offers you her paw without you having to grab it.

SIT - Hold a treat in front of your dog's nose. Raise it above his eyes level and block slightly over his head. Say "Sit!" To keep his balance, he'll sit.

STAND - Have your dog sit or lie down. Hold a treat in front of her nose, say "Stand!" and slowly move your hand away from her until she stands up on four legs, Treat her when she stands.

STAY - Have your dog sit. Tell him, "Stay!" Don't treat him untill he stays as long as you want him to. Increase time as he gets better.

TAKE A BOW - Have your dog stand on all four legs. Holding a treat in front of his nose, lure him to lower his head and front quarters with his bottom still up in the air. Say "Take a Bow!" Treat him when he does it.

TWIRL _ Say "Twirl!" Make wide circles (parallet to the ground) over your dog's head holding a treat in your hand luring her to turn in circles.

WAIT FOR THE TREAT - Place a treat on the ground. Say,"Wait!" Don't let your dog have it until you tell him "Take it!"

WATCH ME - Hold a treat on the bridge of your nose. Say, "Watch me!" Don't give it to your dog until she's watched you for at least 10 seconds.

YES or NAY - Tell your dog, "Say yes!" while holding a treat in fornt of his face. Move it up and down. His head will nod as his eyes follow the treat movement. Or tell him, "Say nay!" Move the treat left and right.

RECAP - These are examples of how to use treat - luring, Voice and gestures to get your dog to do what you want.