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Name Dog Breed Date Score
Molly Coco Poodle 041808 27
John Bob Schnauzer 012508 32
Jenny Tavi Westie 091507 38

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See live dogcam photos taken at a Christmas Eve family game night where Funagle was played. What a fun, clever way to see life from a dog's point of view.

barriebarrie's Funagle photoset barriebarrie's Funagle photoset
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What people are saying:

“We played last night and LOVED it!”

“Thanks, we all had a wonderful time playing Funagle!”

“This game is fun and I loved playing it with my dogs!” 

“Funagle is a fun game. My mom now wants to have a b-day party for her dog, and would like to play the game at the party with all the canine guests.”

“This game is the perfect way to keep your dog in shape mentally and physically and to get your whole family together for some board game fun.”

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We'd love to see (and post) videos of your dogs playing Funagle and Do You Mind or even just showing off the fun tricks you get your dog to do.

How to play FUNAGLE

Chasing the bear



Beg: Ann showed her Yorkie, YoYo to sit up then held her up into a beg. Told her to "beg" and treated her. Ann said it took only a week of practice until YoYo did it on her own. Now she does "high 5" from a beg.

Roll Over: Jane Smith got her Poopie to roll over by having him to lie down. She told him to roll over, then dragged his favorite toy over his body to his other side. He rolled over to get the toy. She gave it to him (his trreat).

Secret handshake: Sam Wilson hits the ground twice with her first then sticks out her hand and her dog Spike puts his paw in hers.