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Funagle RulesFunagle RulesFunagle Rules

Funagle Rules - How to Play

Box Contents

  • Game Board
  • 50 activity Wag Tags
  • 4 bone carabiners to hold tags
  • 1 traditional die
  • 1 one-minute sand timer
  • 4 doggie game tokens

Atleast one dog, dog treats, dog toys
OBJECT OF THE FUNAGLE GAME is to strategically navigate the game board with the goal of winning the most Wag Tags by funagling your dog to perform fun activities in a designated amount of time.

fu*na*gle (pronunciation: fuhn-ney-guh-L), verb, to finesse a dog into performing an activity by using verbal commands, gestures and/or treats in a creative way that elicits the desired response.

Any combination of 2-4 people aged 12 or older and 1-4 dogs 12 weeks or older. For Example:

2-4 people play with the same dog(Who best Funagle the dog)

2-4 people people(each person plays with a different dog)

2-4 people(2 people play with one dog)

4 people and 2 dogs(2 people per dog)

  1. Remove the game board from the box. Place it on a flat surface.
  2. Insert Wag Tags (Command-side down) on corresponding board spaces (don't look at commands while placing Wag Tags on board). Place leftover tags in the storage bag.
  3. Have available dog treats and dog toys available for players to use.
  4. Place the sand timer near the game board.(Unless you choose not to play with a timer.)
  5. choose up dog/people teams.

Rules Below or watch the video

1. Each person/team chooses a doggle game token and matching carabiner.
2. Place your game token in the center of the board.
3. Each person rolls the dice. The highest roll starts the game.
4. The highest roller rolls again and moves his token the number of spaces indicated on the die.
5. You can move your token in any direction, but will want to move to a space with a Wag tag that hasn't yet been won. If you can only land on a board space where the tag has been won, leave your token on the space. The next player takes a turn.
6. Read the Wag Tag you land on outloud.
7. As soon as you finish reading, another player starts the timer. You must get your dog to perform the activity before the timer runs out.
8.If your dog correctly performs the activity on the Wag Tag on time, add the tag to your carabiner. Leave your token on the board space - this is where you will start your next turn. If your dog doesn't correctly perform the activity, place the tag back in its slot on the game board.
9. All other players judge whether a task has been performed correctly and timely. (If the dispute continues, the player can play the tag again.)
10. The next player takes a turn.
11. If no players has been able to win a Wag Tag, all players can choose to replace that tag by another tag of the same Icon (heart, star, light bulb, ball, bone) that hasn't been played during the current game.

After all the Wag Tags on the board have been won, count each player's tags. The player with the most tags WINS!

Incase of a tie, refill the board with tags, continue play until a player wins a Wag Tag, therefore having the most tags.

At the begnning of the game, all players agree that the first person to win a certain number of tags, WINS the game.