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Long Island Dogs Examiner
By Nancy Hassel
Is your dog BORED?
January 4, 2010

The Today Show
NBC Television
December 10, 2009
Find the Perfect Present for Your Dog

MSN Online
December 9, 2009
Gifts for Pooches and People who love them

Dog Fancy
Top Gear For 2009
page 1 and page 26
December 2009 Issue

Catnip Newsletter
Tufts University
Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine
Written by Dusty Rainbolt
November 2009 Issue

Dog World
November 2009 Issue

Fido's City Guide Blog
Want to Play Funagle?
October 2009

Invite Rover to Family Game Night!
September 29th, 2009 by Cindy Bruckart

Modern Dog Magazine
Smart Toys - Do You Mind
Fall 2009

Fido Friendly Magazine
100 Best Products of 2009
Fido Friendly Magazine
April 2009

Finding Furry Family Fun
Orange Juice - Freshly Squeezed Branding News
February 18, 2009

Dog Living Magazine
Tail Waggers - Funagle Board Game
January/February 2009 issue

Trib Today -Tribune Chronicle
Games for pets and people
Paws down, cat wins big when humans play along
January 25, 2009

Williamsport Sun-Gazette
Game Challenges Cats...
It's well known that cats are independent and likely won't do what they are told -- only what they want...
By Jessica Welshans
January 5, 2009

The Times
Spin Cycle
Card games...Muttheads.
Bay Area News Group
SF Bay Area
By Joan Morris
January 3, 2009

Daily Candy
Lay down, roll over, fetch. Dog training not up to scruff? Start the new year on the right paw with Funagle...
December 23,2008

Tails Magazine
Unwrapped and Unleashed
Our guide to the season’s best gifts
By Tails staff
December 2008

The Oregonian
Go fetch or Go Fish? Board games team pets and humans.
By Deborah Wood
December 9, 2008

Mountain Public Radio
Interview about Muttheads
Silverthorne and Dillon, Colorado
December 9, 2008

NY Pet Products Examiner
Game night with your dog and cat
By Nicole Martin
December 2, 2008

Pet Age Magazine
Funagle Dog Game
December 2008

The Star Gazette
People and dogs can play cards together
Sarah McFarland, Pet-Gazette editor
November 28, 2008

Westwood One Radio
M uttheads & CatFeats
Nationwide in two parts
November 20th and 21st.

The Star Press
What's New: No need to leave the dogs out of this game
The Star Press Muncie, IN
November 19, 2008

News Radio 1020 KDKA
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
November 17, 2009

KUSA - Denver, CO

Mutthead & Funagle
Many people love "game night", playing your favorite board game with family and friends can make great memories....
November 12, 2008

This industry has gone to the dogs...and cats
I give up. I can no longer lie and say that I understand the pet industry. I can't. It's too hard...By: Jake Kilroy
November 12, 2008

CJAD 800 AM, Montreal
CFRB 1010 AM, Toronto

The Peter Anthony Holder Show
Interview with Darf founder, Denise Rothman about CatFeats
October 25, 2008

"For those who've had enough of being one-upped by their advanced-placement dog, a challenge is in order."
Fall 2008

"Games to play with family and friends, including the dog ."
Summer/Fall 2008

TAILS Magazine
"Forget long training sessions without results; train your pooch the fun -- and social -- way with this innovative board game...." Laura Oppenheimer
May 2008

Signal Tribune Press
New board game Funagle lets your dog play too
Long Beach, CA
April 24th, 2008

Pioneer Press
Man's best friend can now play a board game
Sometimes it's hard to find enough people to play a board game.
By J.T. Morand

ZooToo.com - with VIDEO
‘Fun-ducation' for Your Animal Companion
NEW YORK – Some of us may not realize that just like humans, animals need entertaining too. But as one game proves, having fun can be practical too.
by Syma Chowdhry
March 23, 2008

Board Game For Dogs
Cat Greenleaf Reports
There is a popular board game being sold for dogs and their owners.
February 20, 2008

The Free Lance-Star - with VIDEO
You've got game, and so does your dog
Long before Ed Beach was designing board games based on 16th-century...
Edie Gross

The Record Online
Games for Pets
Never mind trying to play Monopoly with your pooch...
New Jersey News Day
Thursday, January 3, 2008

Williamsport Sun-Gazette
A Board Game You Play With Your Dog
There is nothing like trying to get your dog to listen.
ByJessica Lamey
Monday, December 31, 2007

Herald Democrat
Pet Book Suggestions
Funagle: the board game isn't a book but I couldn't resist including this creative board game you play with your dog.
From the column P'ETiquette

By Amy D. Shojai
Certified Animal Behavior Consultant
Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Mildland Daily News
Funagle: A game for the dogs
 "We say we're like pet parents, and we were designing these games for pet parents," she said. "It seemed kind of like an obvious thing to do. Our thought was, 'Why hasn't anyone done this already?'"
By Tony Lascari

The Columbian
Holiday inspirations...
The dog
You don't want to leave Fido with nothing better to do than chase his tail on Christmas. Give your pooch a present to play with or nosh on, or a gift you can enjoy together.
1. Funagle, a Cranium-like board game...
By Mary Ann Albright
Thursday, December 13, 2007

Akron Beacon Journal
Funagle aims for cross-species hilarity
Board game for dogs and their owners strives to improve tail-waggers' training with some fun ...
By Connie Bloom
Saturday, Dec 08, 2007

Columbus Dispach
2007 Holiday 'Hit' List
Gift Ideas
Columbus, OH
Saturday,  December 8, 2007

Star News
My dogs' Christmas gift lists
Tammy Miller
North Carolina
December 7, 2007

Milwaukie Journal Sentinel
Better Than Wii
Now there's a game that puts a new spin on doggie play bows.
By Jackie Loohauis-Bennett
Dec 7, 2007

News Channel 10
Santa's Not Forgetting Fido
Nicole Chavez, Reporter
Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Rocky Mountain News
New games in town
Get on board for the latest...
Jay Dedrick, Rocky Mountain News
Monday, December 3, 2007

The Boston Herald
Gifts for... the dog and cat
...now there’s a board game just for dogs and their humans.
By Sandra Kent
Monday, December 3, 2007

The Miami Herald
Gifts for the pet lover
1.Funagle tops the list this year.
This board game is designed with the active pet in mind.
Sun, December 2, 2007

The Kalamazoo Gazette
Fetch this board game to play with your pooch...
By Jeff Barr
Sunday, December 02, 2007

The Journal Star
What to give this holiday season?
3. Tell your dog to invite his friends (and their owners) over for a game of Funagle...
Lincoln, Nebraska
Sun, December 2, 2007

The Gazette, Colorado Springs
Involve the dog in family game night
Christmas is a great time to gift your friends with board games — your dog included.

The Denver Channel 7- ABC
Parker's Blog
Humans are weird sometimes, but I do like some of their customs.

Roanoke Times
Holiday photo contest!
The Happy Wag - Show your pet's holiday spirit in the first-ever Happy Wag Christmas Photo Contest.
Roanoke, Virginia

Tampa Bay's 10 TV - VIDEO
Play Funagle - with your dog!
WTSP - Tampa Bay's 10 News
Aired: 11.26.2007

The Leaf-Chronicle
Clarksville, TN
Shopping for pets can be the most fun

The Star Press
Pet Gadget: Funagle
The Star Press Muncie, IN
Published: 11.21.2007

Willamette Week
Portland, Oregon | Published: 11.21.2007

Arizona Daily Star
Funagle board game is for people, dogs Tucson, Arizona | Published: 11.20.2007

City Dog (Magazine) Blog
Monday's Mutt Must Have
Seattle, WA | Published: 11.19.2007

News Tribulne
New board game goes to the dogs
BILL HUTCHENS; The News Tribune. Tacoma, WA - November 16th, 2007

Peter Anthony Holder Tonight Interview
CJAD 800 AM, Montreal
CFRB 1010 AM, Toronto

Doggie News
News your dog would want to know about, pet legislation, new pet products, and weird stuff.

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The Dumb Friends League in Denver, Colorado, is the largest animal welfare organization in the Rocky Mountain region. They are the national leader in providing humane care to lost and abandoned animals, rescuing sick, injured and abused animals, adopting pets into new homes, helping pets stay in homes, and educating pet owners and the public about the needs of companion animals.

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The Kids And Canines program started ten years ago in Hillsborough County, Florida as an anti-truancy initiative.  This innovative program pairs truant (not delinquent) middle school teens with a golden retriever to train to be an assistance dog for individuals with physical disabilities or children with autism.