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The DICE game for people and cats to play together!

WHO CAN PLAY “CatFeats” - Any combination of 1-4 people and 1-4 cats.

CatFeats is a fun way to discover what motivates Kitty to perform. Experiment with cuddles, compliments, toys, gestures and very small edibles (including cat treats, moist cat food or tuna fish) to find Kitty’s favorite rewards. You and Kitty will both enjoy doing the tasks. Don’t play the game right after Kitty has eaten because she may be less motivated to perform.

HOW TO PLAY: Roll the paw print dice, pick a matching paw print card, get your cat to do the activity, enter your score on the score pad. First player to score 30 WINS! You, your friends, your family and your cats will have SO MUCH FUN!

The OBJECT OF CatFeats is to score the most points by getting your cat to perform fun activities in a designated amount of time.

At the beginning of the game, decide on how many points will win the game. Use the score pad to keep track of points. Write players names at the top of the sheet, scores per roll listed underneath.

Shuffle the cards. Pile them in a single stack. Players alternate drawing the top card and reading it out loud. First cat to correctly perform the activity scores the points (number of card’s paw prints).



Roll the dice and pick a matching card, or draw a card from the complete deck. Get your cat to do the activity.

1. Think of creative ways to motivate Kitty to do the activities (lure her with treats, toys, your voice and gestures).
2. Keep your cat’s attention focused on you.
3. Give your cat positive feedback - don’t get mad at or punish him.

Additional Items Needed to Play :
At least 1 cat, cat treats,cat toys

CONTENTS: 1 paw print dice , 1 one-minute sand timer, 1 score pad, 1 pencil, 25 paw print activity cards, Portable case.
Price: $19.95