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The BOARD GAME people and DOGS play together!

Funagle, the new board game people and their dogs play together. Friends and family match wits to see who is best at getting their dogs to "Moonwalk" or "Do the Wave".

Players have one minute to "funagle" their dog into doing specific activities on removable tags that make up the game board. Funagling is using voice, treats and gestrures to get a dog to do something. If your dog does the activity, you win a tag. The player with the most tags at the end of the games WINS!

It's a hoot to watch players getting their dogs to do sit ups, crawl or stick out their tongues. No skill is needed to play. Funagle side affects include laughing cramps, deeper dog-people bonds and dog self confidence.

Funagle can be played by 2 to 4 people and 1 to 4 dogs.

The OBJECT OF FUNAGLE is to navigate the game board to win the most Wag Tags by funagling your dog to perform fun activities. It's easy to play and fun to leam!

DEFINITION OF FUNAGLE - fu*na*gle (pronunciation: fuhn-ney-guh-L), verb, to finesse a dog into performing an activity using positive rewards including treats, verbal and gestural communication.