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Do You Mind Game

The DICE game where people compete to get dogs to do fun activities!

See Video about how to play Do You Mind

Roll the paw print dice, pick a matching paw print card, get your dog to do the activity, enter your score on the score pad. Highest score WINS! You, your friends, your family and your dogs will have SO MUCH FUN!

The OBJECT of "Do You Mind?" is to score the most point by getting your dog to do the fun activities on the paw print cards in a designated amount of time.

WHO CAN PLAY "DO YOU MIND?" Any combination of 1-4 people (12 years or older) and 1-4 dogs (12 weeks or older)

COMPETITION -2 -4 people compete with 1-4 dogs to see who is best at getting a dog to do things.
QUICK PLAY - At the begining of the game, decide on the number of rolls thet will be played. Cross out additional rolls on the score pad.

FIRST DOG - Shuffle the cards. Pile them in a single stack. Players alternate drawing the top card and reading the activity out loud. First dog to correctly perform the activity gets the point (number of pawprints).


Do You Mind

SOLITAIRE - Roll the dice and draw a matching card or draw a card randomly from the complete deck, get your dog to do the activity on the card.


-Do You Mind Pencil
-1 score pad
-1 paw print die
-1 one-miniute sand timer
-60 paw print cards
Additional Items Needed to Play :
At least 1 dog, dog treats, dog toys
Price - $24.95

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