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GAMES for people to play with people, DOGS and CATS!
It's a howl to watch players try to get their dogs or cats to shake, roll over or say something.

AND NOW! iPod iPhone Apps! Check out iPottyTrain and iWalkDog!


FUNAGLE is the BOARD GAME people and their dogs play. Friends and family huddle around a board game giggling while they match wits trying to get their dogs to "Moonwalk" or "Do the Wave". Collect the most tags and win!

  Do You Mind

DO YOU MIND is the DICE GAME people and their dogs play together. Roll the paw print dice, pick a matching paw print card, get your dog to do the activity, enter your score on the score pad. You and your dog will have SO MUCH FUN!


CATFEATS is the new DICE GAME people and CATS play together. You won't believe what you can get your cat to do. Play it alone or with your family. A great new way to pay more attention to Kitty!

You've just found a new way to have fun with your friends, family, DOGS and CATS!! No skills are needed to play Darf pet games. You'll be amazed at what you can get your dog or cat to do with a small amount of encouragement, instruction and treats. You, your friends, family and dogs or cats will have lots of fun. PLUS, your pet will gain self-confidence, pay more attention to you and learn new tricks!

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