21 Aug 2009, 2:42pm
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Should dogs be allowed in grocery stores?

shopping-dogSince reading  “State campaign targets dogs in grocery stores” on Monday, I’ve been contemplating a response.  I knew I’d have  one —  I’m one of the offenders.  I carry my Yorkie (enclosed in a purse) into grocery stores, restaurants, nail salons, hair salons, Nords, Macy’s…well, you get the point.  Most of the time, no one  knows she’s there.  Occasionally, she lets out a little woof, but it’s hard to hear over the many people yelling into their cell phones.

The article mentions dogs licking food in the meat section  [EEEWWW!]  and peeing on the floor [double EEEWWW!] It also polls people about whether offending people should be fined.

Point 1: I don’t want to see big, non-service dogs running around in grocery stores.

Point 2: Why can’t little dogs who are enclosed in carriers be allowed?

  • Enclosed dogs can’t do the deeds listed in the article.
  • People are safer being exposed to dogs than to other people. (Dogs don’t spread diseases to people like people spread diseases to people.)
  • Dogs don’t smoke, drink or wear too much perfume.
  • A  dog enclosed in a container can’t bite or snap.
  • Enclosed dogs don’t run up and down aisles.
  • Enclosed dogs don’t pick their noses and wipe their paws on things.
  • Enclosed dogs don’t shoplift.

Point 3: Why not fine people in grocery stores who:

  • Are sick and spreading their germs?
  • Stink of body odor, liquor, cigarette smoke, perfume or aftershave?
  • Are crabby and snap at other people?
  • Let their children run up and down the aisles screaming?
  • Have dirty feet?
  • Bring more than 10 items into the express lane?
  • “Sample” food – I’m not talking about store samples – I mean those people who grab a grape as they go by.

See what I mean?  Enclosed dogs are better behaved than many humans.  Their feet don’t touch the floor…all they do is breathe a little air.  I mentioned this story on Twitter when it was first published.  A woman from Colorado tweeted me that she’d heard of people defecating in stores.  Now, THEY should be FINED!

What do you think?  Do you think there should be allowances for enclosed dogs?